The Beautiful Ladies of Paragon

All-female supergroup on the Virtue server

Welcome to the official bulletin board of the Beautiful Ladies of Paragon supergroup on the Virtue server. All official bulletins and announcements will be posted here, so please check this page from time to time.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

We have a forum!

We now have our own forum space at the website of our coalition, The United Federation of Organizations. The group is open to all. You just need to join first.

The coalition also has a global chat channel, which few members of BLOP have been using. As the most active member SG of UFO, we should own the global channel! Please join the UFO channel and make some noise today!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Zabeyanna Retires

Our founder, Zabeyanna, has retired from the BLOP. She was not spending very much time in Paragon City any more. Now that she has reached 50th level, we won't see much of her at all. She decided it would be best to pass the reigns to someone much more active.

And so, the reigns have been passed to the most active of our leaders - Foxy Firefox. Give her all the attention, pokes, prods, e-mails and requests for influence that you used to give to Zabby.

And may the BLOP flourish even more under Foxy's reign than it did under Zabby's!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Introducing the 5-Bin Enhancement Storage System

Due to the fact that we had far too many enhancements to store even after we split them into two bins, we now have a 5-bin sistem. The bins are sorted by level.

This picture shows the training bin.

This bin is for training enhancements of levels 6-12. If you happen to find any single or dual origin enhancements this low, feel free to toss them in here. However, please don't put in anything level 5 or lower - just sell those.

The rest of the bins are numbered 1-4

When you have an enhancement to put in, put it in bin numbered the same as the first digit of the enhancement's level. For example, a level 32 enhancement goes in bin 3. Enhancements level 50 and higher also go into bin 4. Only single origin enhancements should be in bins 3 and 4. Bin 1 should be mostly dual origin enhancements, but if you happen to find a single origin enhancement this low, feel free to put it in here. Bin 2 can also have dual origin enhancements up to level 22, but no dual origins over level 22. None of these bins should have any training origin (generic) ehnancements in them.

Regardless of origin or level, you should never put in anything divisible by 5. Sell anything you could just go buy yourself. If you need level 25 enhancements, we can just give you influence to buy them, but you can't buy a level 12 anywhere. The only exception to this rule is the low level enhancements you can buy from Yin's Market. We will keep a small supply of his level 13 SO's on hand, just because you need to unlock the store before you can buy those. I will periodically go through the bins and remove anything that doesn't fit within these guidelines.

The enhancements are available to all members, but for security reasons you need to be at least a Major Beauty to get them out. If you are a Beauty or Apprentice Beauty and need something from storage, just ask a leader to help you. We will be happy to provide you with the enhancements you need.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy Birthday to Us!

The Beautiful Ladies of Paragon is one year old today!

It was a great year. We struggled a bit at first, lost a few good people along the way and saw a few members turn generic, but we never gave up. And now, thanks to our members (especially Foxy Firefox, Psling and Yu Mei), we've built the Beautiful Ladies of Paragon into a supergroup to be proud of!

Thanks, everyone, for a great year, and may the coming year be even better!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Halloween Event

Beginning October 18, City of Heroes will have special Halloween content. I've already seen this stuff on the test server, and it's pretty cool. It's almost the same as the original Halloween event two years ago.

First of all, there's trick-or-treating. What you do is you go to a zone appropriate to your level (Atlas Park or Galaxy city if you're under 6, Perez Park if you're 7-15, Talos Island for 20-30, etc.) and go around randomly clicking on doors. Sometimes you get a treat, which will probably be an inspiration but could also be salvage, a temp power or an enhancement. Just as often, you'll get a trick. Monsters come out the door and attack you.

The trick-or-treating comes with it a return of all the Halloween badges from two years ago. I've already seen them and they're exactly the same badges! On the other hand, we can't just farm the same door all day until we have all the badges this time. This time, you get nothing until you click on a different door, but you can go back and forth between two doors.

Besides the trick-or-treating, also expect a return of Jack-In-Irons and Eochai to the city streets. There's a Halloween badge for helping to defeat each. These are once again the original Halloween versions of the badge, separate from the badges for defeating them in Croatoa.

Finally, this Halloween has something new - a 5th costume slot! Yes, Halloween is what the 5th costume slot is for. There are four special kinds of salvage you can only get from trick-or-treating, all of them Halloween costume pieces - a Hamidon costume, Back Alley Brawler gloves, a Statesman mask and a Lord Recluse helmet. Take these to Croatoa and look for someone reading a giant scroll just barely SE of the train station to unlock your 5th costume slot.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Cuppa Jo's Going Away Party

Cuppa Jo is resigning as the administrator of the official CoH forums, so that she can assume a similar job in the official Tabula Rasa forums. The CoH community will be seeing her off on Friday, September 1st.

There are a few things happening, all on the test server. Here is the full list of events.

You should install the test server before then.Go here to copy your character to the test server. You can download the test server to your computer by making a copy of the CoH shortcut (name it something else, like CoH Test). Right click on the new shortcut, select properties, and on the Target line, where it says "C:\folder\folder\CohUpdater" etc., you add "-test" to the end of it (outside the quotes). Run the updater from this shortcut and it will download the test server for you. It takes a while, so do it early (maybe while you are sleeping tonight).

I'll be waiting for you on the test server. See you there!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Our Leaders

This roster was last updated December 3, 2006

Our leaders (in order of rank)

  • Zabayanna (Rilldancer)
  • Tessie Trueheart (Lord Xenophon)
  • Yu Mei (BoinkBunny)
  • Foxy Firefox
  • Psling

Ladies of Beauty (all considered equal). These ladies are responsible for organizing events, teams, raids and supergroup missions. Ask one of them if you need something from base storage.

  • Lady Thundra
  • Berning Panther
  • Sno Queen'
  • Annabelle Ka'Rullis

Major Beauties (all considered equal). The Major Beauties are our team leaders. They can also create supergroup events in the arena.

  • Sylvarin Icebow
  • Icy Ivy
  • Misari
  • Witch of Eros
  • Mistress Sakura

Leader alts:
  • Sand Sorceress (Tessie Trueheart)
  • newtt (Sno Queen')
  • Salina Frost (Foxy Firefox)
  • Goddess Nakomis (Foxy Firefox)
  • Psirazor (Foxy Firefox)
  • Tinkles (Psling)
  • Miss Sting (Foxy Firefox)
  • Lady Skyhawk (Foxy Firefox)


Welcome to the official bulletin board of the Beautiful Ladies of Paragon. We are a supergroup of female superheroes on the Virtue server.

Some of you might be wondering who I am and why I am posting on behalf of the BLoP. That is because you know me as Tessie Trueheart, the BLoP's second in command.

Our founder and leader is Zabayanna (here using the name Rilldancer). If you have any questions not covered anywhere in this site, feel free to ask her in game. We will try to get all SG policies on the site as soon as possible.